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After-Sales Service


We understand better than anyone that a purchase abroad is a bit daunting,
and although the accession of Bulgaria to the EU is a fact,
prove there are a lot of differences in terms of laws, regulations and administration.

This is also the reason why we are within our firm
have established a specialized cell that engages in all
legal and financial aspects of European investors.

Whether you're ...
a couple looking for a retreat,
a family, who come to live here, on behalf of your employer,
a pioneer, who are thinking about starting your own company in Bulgaria
a retired couple looking for a good investment in real estate,
eventually you always have one thing in common:

you are looking for
"a home away from home '


Administrative assistance after purchase:

  • upon execution of the deed of purchase must be to open a "work account"
    the name of the firm if the firm effectively a 'working partnership' ..
  • After purchase of your newly acquired property you must have registered in your firm
  • both electricity and water should be registered in the name of the company
  • paying water and electricity bills monthly
  • the taxes on the property are to be paid annually
  • the tax return of the company to be submitted to an accountant annually -
    even though it is a "non-working" firm, then there should be a "zero return" to be submitted
  • any insurance on property must be paid annually and up-to-date
  • possible legal and other correspondence to the address of the company will be redirected
  • etc

If chosen after-sales service, we have a package worked out that you take this administrative work off your hands so that you fully and without worry
Enjoy your 'home away from home'

If you're considering having your own car here we'd like to help you with the course
register and insure your vehicle!

For noncommittal info ask in confidence contact !


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