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Concept Development

You have bought
a plot of land
to build on
You are looking to buy a property to renovate,
or a plot of land to build on,

but before signing the deal,
you would like to know the cost

of renovating the existing building
or building the house of your dream on that plot
You have bought
an old house
to renovate


Concept: together, we analyse and give form to your ideas and considerations, about how the concept of your dream-project should look like, all this in your own language.

Development: your house will be screened on its logical built and practical layout of all spaces.

  • Sustainability: Q-Partners designs houses with attention to yourself and the environement.
    This means not only the building costs,
    but also costs for energy use and maintenance need to be kept as low as possible.
    Your projectmanager gives you on top of that some handy tips that make later adaptations
    against a minimum price possible.
  • Security: The choice of materials, different facilities and working methodes ensure a security
    on 3 levels: living- ,fire- and theft security.
  • Use of natural light: Natural light is not only free, but also pleasant and neccesary.
    In each design of a house we use the same rules that give your house a maximum on light
    in all living and sleeping areas.
    For the use of artificial light you will receive the best advice from our professional partners.
  • Space optimalisation: A house doesn't have to be big to offer a lot of space !

Budget: as from the first offer, your house is calculated in detail and in full.

We provide you

all neccesary calculated offers

to enable you to evaluate your global investment

before signing the deal

We provide you all neccesary plans

- foundation, levels, electricity, sowery, terras, ... -

to enable you to go and contact a Bulgarian architect

in order to apply for your building permission

Client Draw
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